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Weight Loss

Besides modifying the behaviour, an expert hypnotherapist can help you lose weight using an effective weight loss program plan. In fact, when done right, hypnosis can lead to long-term weight loss. And when combined with different weight loss methods, like dietary advice, behavioural treatment, etc., you can notice a significant result.  It can reinforce your desire to eat healthy and to have a stronger decision making ability to block bad calorie choices like eating ice cream and chocolate.
  • It can increase your abilities to feel fuller much easier and to re-connect with your body’s natural response to eating.
  • It can help you restrict your calorie intake.
  • It can increase your motivation to exercise.
Many of the inner blocks one faces in moving towards the goal of losing weight can be neutralized or changed via hypnosis.
Let Hypnotist AWA Work With You Towards an Effective Weight-Loss Goal
Putting on a few kilos is always easy than eliminating it. In fact, people feel demotivated when the weighing scale remains at the same position even after working out for hours and weeks.

Well, it is time to put an end to this misery by visiting the hypnosis expert for weight loss Bendigo at Hypnotist AWA. I, Michael Pattinson, am here to guide you to live a healthy, stress-free life using proven hypnosis techniques.

I can help you with anything from anxiety to depression, insomnia and even weight loss.

As a professional member of Australia’s oldest and most honoured Hypnotherapy Association – The Australian Hypnotherapist’s Association, I know what it takes to deliver bespoke hypnotherapy treatment to people, irrespective of their expectations and requirements.

Here is how hypnotherapy relates to weight loss
1- Johns Hopkin University’s Benjamin Caballero believes that obesity is a complex problem that results from social, behavioural and psychological factors. Before any sustainable weight loss happens, these factors need to be addressed. And weight loss hypnosis Bendigo helps in doing just that.

2- With my experience in the field, I can help tackle the physiological causes of subconscious eating, thereby stopping the craving even before it starts. I can help create new behaviours and neural pathways that break unhealthy food-eating habits.

3- Throughout the session, my goal is to help you develop new habits and ways of responding to the triggers and stress so you have better control over yourself.

4- Through hypnosis, I will restore your motivation and confidence, thereby helping you stick to your journey to weight loss Bendigo.

5- I will work closely with you to determine your unique goals and preferences and even determine the root cause of the excess weight, whether it was caused by high stress, childhood trauma, low metabolism, unhealthy eating habits or something else.

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I can help you experience the many benefits and joys of losing weight. Book an appointment with Hypnotist AWA to achieve greater health, vitality, boosted self-confidence and more through our weight loss hypnosis Bendigo.

Eating Plan

I am a proponent of the 5 2 diet which encourages eating as you would normally for 5 days.  And on the two other days of the week (non-consecutive) you consume 500 calories (600 calories for men). Once the desired results are obtained ie. you’re at your desired weight, you simply fast one day a week to maintain.  I encourage you to watch the following documentary on the subject and to perhaps read some more about intermittent fasting. “Eat, Fast, Live Longer” – Vimeo Documentary “Intermittent fasting: The good things it did to my body” – BBC Article “Michael Mosley’s five biggest health myths” – SMH Article. The following are case studies from before I subscribed to the 5 2 way.

Case Study A (name, location changed)

Mary, a 41 year old woman from Balwyn came to see me for weight issues. She felt compelled during her lunch break to opt for oily, fried food. She wanted to be more conscious of what she ate and to choose more easily and effortlessly a lower calorie, healthier option for lunch – e.g. to eat sushi, lean chicken sandwiches. In the first session we addressed this behaviour. Upon returning for the second appointment a week later she reported feeling an ease and a satisfaction in making a lunchtime healthy eating choice. In the subsequent sessions we reinforced this change as well as other related changes that helped her reduce her overall consumption of calories facilitating weight loss. We also worked on motivation concerning exercise, to remove the blocks holding her back from going for a 30 minute walk every day. Mary has lost more than 14 kilos and is more than happy with the permanent lifestyle changes she has made to date.

Case Study B (name, location changed)

Jillian, a 26 year old from Essendon came to see me for a chocolate habit. On many nights she would buy blocks of chocolate and would often eat a whole block after work in the evening. She wanted to stop this behaviour as she found it impacted not only her weight, but her overall mental and physical health in a dramatic way. We addressed this behaviour in the three sessions and worked on a healthier substitute. She reported weeks later that her desire to eat chocolate had dramatically reduced and that she wasn’t compelled to eat it any more. She lost a significant amount of weight not only because of this change, but also because she had more energy in the evenings to exercise and to burn those extra calories (yoga, gym). Schedule time with me.http://Give me a Call