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Anxiety is a common thing. For some people, it is a daily occurrence, with no visible reasons. While for others, anxiety is triggered in certain situations like testing taking, public speaking or dating.

Well, irrespective of which category you fall into, it is imperative to tackle anxiety and other mental health concerns like depression.

This needs to be done at the initial stage before it takes over your life completely.

Hypnotherapy can prove an excellent solution to help you overcome the debilitating effects of anxiety and addiction.

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I, Michael Pattinson, take great pleasure in guiding people in the right direction through my holistic anxiety programs, addiction programs and weight loss program.

Hypnosis – an overview
Before you consider undergoing a hypnosis session, it is imperative to comprehend its basics.

So, hypnosis is a state of consciousness that incorporates boosted concentration and attention. It also decreases the awareness of the surroundings and increases the response to suggestions.

How does Hypnosis work?
There are two different theories about how hypnosis work.

As per the state theory, the subject enters an alternate consciousness state with altered brain function, thereby experiencing the effects of hypnosis.

The non-state theory, on the other hand, suggests that the subject responds to suggestions and even actively participates in the session instead of being under the hypnotist’s control.

In short, the subject never enters an altered state of consciousness.

An expert hypnotherapist uses a mixture of hypnosis techniques to help you overcome anxiety, addiction, etc. The common technique is the eye-fixation technique. In this, a steady stare is maintained by the subject at a bright object until he/she closes his/her eyes. And this is where you enter the hypnotic trance, which is often described as a relaxed state of awareness.

While you are in the hypnotic trance, the hypnotist will provide you with verbal suggestions. Experts claim that hypnosis can help cure allergies, reduce anxiety and depression, retrieve suppressed memories and even cure allergies and phobias.

Anxiety Programs

The anxiety programs offered at Hypnotist AWA are effective in managing both stress and anxiety. I typically look for the inner root of the establishment, whether the anxiety was a result of a negative experience, trauma, learned behaviour, fears, etc. Based on the information I gather, I create a bespoke program that boosts your tolerance and frustration level, permits you to relax, assists in adapting to change and gives you complete control of your racing thoughts.

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Addiction Programs

The addiction programs offered at Hypnotist AWA are designed to be effective in modifying different types of habits and behaviours; these include smoking, alcohol and drug use. 

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Weight Loss Program

Besides modifying the behaviour, an expert hypnotherapist can help you lose weight using an effective weight loss program plan. In fact, when done right, hypnosis can lead to long-term weight loss. And when combined with different weight loss methods, like dietary advice, behavioural treatment, etc., you can notice a significant result.

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